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 Welcome to One Source Learning Centre for Inner Healing, an information site dedicated to enhance and promote your spiritual growth, healing capacity and learning potential!

Margaret Jang, Intuitive & Healing Arts Consultant, offers a safe and comfortable environment in which to relax and enjoy while exploring new dimensions that will unleash greater empowerment through increased self-confidence and self-reliance.  Margaret is a Reiki Master teacher & practitioner, currently a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.  She is also a numerologist who constructs personal & detailed Soul Blueprint charts.

Are you experiencing inner transformation and have now reached a crossroad in your living cycle?  Do you feel confused?  Do you feel intimidated?  Do you feel powerless?  Do you need to heal - emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually?

Or, have you become aware of subtle energies or other forces experienced through dreams, visions or uncanny feelings, that puzzle you, scare you or bewilder you?  Are you left feeling vulnerable and now wonder what the next step is or where to go for assistance?

The goal for One Source Learning Centre is to teach how to be….. your true spiritual self!

Ultimately, the primary goal is to learn, plus experience, peace, balance and harmony in day-to-day living through self-awareness, self-growth, self-healing, self-empowerment and self-mastery.  Learn how truthful inner awareness re-awakens unique talents and abilities that will direct progressive growth in your life’s journey.  Based on your own unique abilities, you can then aspire to improve in order to achieve a state of complete bliss.

Soul Inspiring Expressions
from One Source Learning Centre

“Each person is guided by their soul’s mission, which must first be discovered through self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-responsibility before it can be actualized into reality.”

© Quoted by Margaret I. Jang, April 20th, 2014

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 at One Source Learning Centre

Articles  Posted  June 3rd, 2013
If you Experience a Bad Headache after Giving Reiki Treatment....

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Spiritual Poetry - Please visit archived poems

A Spiritual Message
from One Source Learning Centre



Reach Out


Reach out to embrace what is seen all around you,
 feel this in your heart, then express what you must do.
For each has a special purpose that we all come to share,
 to give guidance or nurture or just show you truly care.

Reach out to be blessed with universal gifts,
 for as you receive these, you will feel an emotional shift.
Your heart will open up to let go of all constraints,
 along with your ego and magically all complaints.

Reach out to learn knowledge from the higher realms,
 it’s time to step back to release your hold from the helm.
For infinite wisdom is reached through a deeper source,
 and with this comes peace with contented joy, of course.

Reach out to teach the wisdom that you already know,
 teach about balance in the evolutionary flow.
For your participation is a gift you’re able to share,
 a valued contribution that cannot be compared.

Reach out to share your love, plus your deep concern,
toward the world, proving what hasn’t yet been learned.
Together we can strive to make this world a better place,
 with balance and harmony for the entire human race.

Reach out to show that you understand or have learned,
how to be non-judgmental for what you now discern.
"What is good from bad or even right from wrong?"
  just hear the beat within to hear your special song.

Reach out to others and then cast your light out wide,
 there is nothing to fear, so please don’t run and hide.
Show strength with integrity and let others see this too,
 for what is more precious than reaching out in all you do!

© Margaret I. Jang



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What's Offered?
at One Source Learning Centre

Reiki Treatment (More Info) - Enjoy an affordable, comforting & revitalizing 75-minute session.

Reiki Courses at affordable prices - Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 Reiki Master Teacher Level.  Review student testimonials.

  Numerology Soul Blueprint Reading - A comprehensive 30 to 40 page self-explanatory chart outlining your soul's true urge, desire, identity and purpose, plus much more.  Place an order or view Numerology FAQ.  Review client testimonials.

Reiki Distant Healing - Submit a complimentary Distant Healing Request Form or submit an after-treatment feedback survey directly to Margaret.

Margaret also offers.....

Psychic/Channelling Development Circle (More info)
An open & on-going weekly  event - join anytime providing there is an available seat Perfect for beginner or intermediate Learn to access & receive guidance, knowledge & higher wisdom that empowers your daily living A group provides camaraderie, feedback, validation & encouragement.

**Note** The circle is currently on hold while names are being collected.  Once a suitable class size is attained, applicants will be advised via e-mail. 

When:  Weekly - Wednesday
Time: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm (2-1/2 hrs per wk).  Note: Doors open at 6:15 pm & class starts promptly at 6:30 pm with members seated & ready.  Class ends at 9:00 pm with members leaving immediately.  After class socializing should be conducted off-premise.
Fee & Duration: $110 for 8 wks (2-1/2 hrs per wk.).  Pay through PayPal's secured online site - see Courses, Fees & Reg. tab.  Or if paid by cash, fee is reduced to $100 payable in person at 1st class. The fee will be pro-rated for members who join while an 8-wk session is in progress. A receipt is available upon request. (Sorry, personal cheques are not accepted).  Upon completion of 8 weeks the member may sign up for another 8 weeks, or also has the option to quit the circle.  Important: If under age 19, written parental consent is required; please advise when registering.   Please note: Any missed class (regardless of reason) will be at your own expense and will count as a completed session.
Circle Size: Limited to 8 members.  Note: This is an open & on-going circle where you may join any time, but once seating is filled, remaining applicants will stay on a waiting list and will be notified via e-mail when a seat becomes available.
Where: Vancouver, BC, (Knight St. and Kingsway area - address is disclosed upon registration).
Requirements: Honest commitment, as well as an open heart, an open mind and a desire for change.
Bring: It is important to bring your own water bottle for re-hydration, plus a notebook & pen.  Note: Beverages & snacks are not supplied.
: It is advisable to wear warm, layered, comfortable clothing in case of body expansion.  Also bring an extra shawl, light covering or sweater as body temperature may fluctuate between hot or cold during class.  For cleanliness and sanitary purposes, outdoor footwear or bare feet are not recommended or encouraged indoors - please wear or bring socks or bring your own slippers.  Spare slippers are available.
Avoid: This is a fragrance-free environment, so please avoid wearing cologne, perfume or for the gents, after-shave lotion, in order to reduce the risk of triggering allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.  Also, avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking alcoholic beverages before class.  Instead, eat a meal that is easily digestible and save the alcohol for after class.
: The Psychic Channelling Development circle may NOT be suitable for anyone suffering from schizophrenia or who take mind-altering or hallucinogenic substances.  Those who take prescribed medication for chronic depression or bi-polar conditions, if you feel uncertain or concerned, please consult your licensed physician first before joining.
Topics Covered:
• Basic rules – do and don’ts
• De-mystify intuitive psychic senses
• Locate inner screen
• Understand altered states of awareness
• Grounding, cleansing and protection techniques
• Expand soul and aura
• Connect to earth and universal energies
• Meditation and visualization exercises
• Development exercises
• Open, establish and sense spiritual guidance
• Practice channelling messages, information, inspirational speech
Registration Contact: Margaret Jang at 1srcelrn@telus.net or phone 604-879-7201.

Articles written by Margaret cover topics such as Reiki, Reiki & Cancer, Crystal & Gemstone Healing, Numerology, Psychic/Channelling, Metaphysical Sciences, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spiritual growth & well-being.

Spiritual and Inspirational Poetry, plus Soul Inspiring Expressions channelled by Margaret.

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Submit One Source Learning Centre's client feedback form or e-mail directly to Margaret (your opinion is always welcomed).


The author is: A Vancouver-based Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner (Usui Shiki Ryoho), as well as a numerologist and intuitive arts teacher focusing on psychic/channelling development.  She is also an inspirational and spiritual poet and writer.  Margaret may be contacted at 1srcelrn@telus.net.

Note: Articles, poetry and soul inspiring expressions are © Copyright protected - all rights reserved. In order to copy, reprint, publish, quote, electronically transfer, post to websites or blogs, or reproduce in any manner, please obtain written permission from author.

The above information is not intended to replace, diagnose, prescribe or treat any ailment or to be used as a replacement for medical treatment or consultation.  It is only intended to enhance your knowledge or general interest and is offered as an alternative and complimentary source of information.   In all cases, it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your medical physician.

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